iM Critical Wins Pittsburgh Technology Council 2022 Award for Start-Up Innovation

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, November 17, 2022 –  iM Critical, a data center and IT services company shaping the future of IT infrastructure, is excited to announce it has won the 2022 Tech 50 award from the Pittsburgh Technology Council for the most innovative start-up. The 26th annual event was a gathering of over 600 people — a who’s who of local companies, nonprofits, and technologists — highlighting the impact they have made in the region. PTC President and CEO, Audrey Russo, said “It is truly the biggest night in Pittsburgh’s tech ecosystem each and every year.” With this recognition, which was awarded to the top company in each of 10 categories, iM Critical underscores its role as a crucial resource within this rapidly growing, technology-rich market and amplifies its commitment to delivering superior mission-critical facilities and game-changing IT services. 

“We are thrilled to be recognized in this way in Pittsburgh, aka Silicon Valley East — a market where iM Critical is delivering sustainably minded, scalable, high-performance computing platforms. We’re honored to be highlighted among a group of such fantastic innovators,” says Michael Roark, CEO of iM Critical. “Our unique breed of plug-and-play IT ecosystems, built with all the most pressing IT mandates in mind, offer a truly advantageous space for growth and innovation across healthcare, academic research, AI, IoT, smart cities, and more in an HPC-hungry location. We’re proud to support this incredible market with next-gen sustainability and robust, versatile solutions as it continues on its technological trajectory.”

iM Critical’s flagship 10MW, high-performance modular data center campus in Pittsburgh offers a purpose-built response to the growing mission-critical needs of the marketplace. The company’s full-stack IT solutions and six-nines environment are especially valuable within the greater Pittsburgh market, which has traditionally been constrained by a lack of optimal data centers. iM’s solution enables crucial deployment densification and promotes better efficiencies for supercomputing requirements, offering sustainable advantages where many thought they may never find them. In addition to owning and operating data centers, the company factory builds modular, scalable, and sustainability-focused solutions to revolutionize the way data centers are consumed for the future of high-intensity workloads and business goals. 

iM Critical will be deploying its modular data centers on its phase-one modular campus in December 2022. Be on the lookout for 10 tractor-trailers rolling into Pittsburgh carrying 50-foot-long technological wonders.

To learn more about iM Critical’s Pittsburgh campus here. To learn more about iM’s modular approach, visit iM Data Centers

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