Managed security solutions

comprehensive data protection, backup, recovery & storage to prevent, detect, and remediate cyberattacks

Managed Security

Prevent, detect, and remediate cyberattacks with ongoing defense from cyber threats, SOC and SIEM 24/7 eyes on glass with customized escalation and remediation solutions

Data Protection

Comprehensive security, backup, and data recovery solutions to protect and enhance business operations

Basic Security

Firewall and antivirus software

Object Storage

Large storage for backups, log files, historical data, and anything archived, encoded, versioned, and replicated to protect against cybersecurity threats and accidental deletion for quick disaster recovery

24/7/365 Security Operations Center

Monitoring, intrusion detection & rapid response with turn-key Ransomware and disaster recovery with set RPOs & RTOs

Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • Continuous monitoring, detection & response of all end–point, internal Internet & public cloud getaways
  • Real-time device quarantine / remediation & trouble ticket management for externally derived penetrations & internal “Trojan Horse” exploits
  • Comprehensive 24*7/365 dark web analysis delivering force multiplier capability for breached password test (BPT) checks, gap exploitation analysis of obsolete software / firmware, & real-time black hat attack vectors targeting the customer core systems
  • 360-degree cyber health audit providing insurance industry rated real $$ risk analysis, threat prioritization & budget ROI impact evaluation
  • Comprehensive rapid pre-strike patch, upgrade, replace, and quarantine resources delivering best-use investment for immediate protection
  • SIEM threat hunting team to scan network access points, VPNs, user end-points, & dark web to identify potential attack planning vectors & emerging threats