iM Data Centers Adds Industry Veteran and Visionary, Tom Elowson, to Leadership Team

Miami, Florida, June 03, 2022 iM Data Centers, a manufacturer of modular data centers shaping the future of IT infrastructure, today announces the hiring of Tom Elowson to lead its data center creation initiatives. In this role, Elowson will spearhead business development and promote the many benefits of its quick-to-deploy, modular, enterprise-class facilities. Tom will also work with iM Critical, iM’s data center portfolio and IT Services division, to amplify its ESG and sustainability practices.

“We say ‘enlightened engineering’ around here a lot, and it’s because we are set on developing the best facilities for both our customers and, crucially, our environment,” comments Michael Roark, CEO of iM Critical. “Tom’s hiring is a step in advancing and promoting what we see as the hallmark of that engineering: our modular data centers. They are built to customer specifications, capable of managing the heaviest data processing loads safely, securely, and right where they’re needed most. Tom is an important piece to iM’s leadership team and the advancement of our modular data center business. We’re thrilled he’s here.” 

Prior to iM, Tom served as CEO and President of AcXess Inc., a cloud service provider and SaaS application developer, and as President of Joi Data Systems, a provider of Renewable Energy Cloud Control architecture for monitoring and management intelligence of new energy production systems. Tom has been a pioneer of multiple cloud and data center industry initiatives throughout his career, from early Internet and data center connectivity in the 70s to some of the first ever SaaS and cloud data center businesses in recent years. 

“iM has deep insight into the corners yet to be turned in this industry, and they’re turning them on behalf of their customers and the industry and world at large. They don’t just do this efficiently, they do it with a genuine sustainability strategy — plus experience and dedication that backs it up,” states Elowson. “Their modular data centers meet all the traditional, historical data center expectations and then go three steps further. From design to deployment speed and scalability, from big data analysis and High-Performance Computing to highly proximate edge capabilities, iM’s modular data center strategy is truly capable, and it’s disrupting the data center industry as we know it. I am honored to be part of iM’s leadership team and vision for the future.” 

To learn more about iM Data Centers and its modular data center benefits, visit iM Data Centers.  

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